Some locks are designed by keeping in mind the necessity of people living in a particular region. Like in the region of Smyrna you can commonly found deadbolt types of locks. This lock has some unique features. It comes in two different forms one is in a single-cylinder and the other is in double cylinder configuration. Single cylinder deadbolt is preferred by most of the people in those places which do not require heavy security. It is cheaper as compared to the double cylinder. In single-cylinder as per name one cylinder is installed outside the door for secure locking and from inside thumb rotation cam is installed.

Both cam and cylinder are not connected but share the same deadbolt mechanism. In a double cylinder, both from inside and outside specific keys are used for locking unlocking the door. It is the secure form of locking. Locksmith Smyrna suggests a double cylinder lock in place of single-cylinder. Due to its high-cost people, some times go with single cylinder-based deadbolt locks.